How is affiliate marketing different from influencer marketing?

Your marketing channels are intertwined, and you need to create a cohesive customer journey, no matter what tactics and channels you use, even if you’re measuring them separately. Your affiliate and influencer channels don’t have to live in separate boxes. The relationship affiliates have with their audiences can be different in many ways. Like influencers, affiliates can be individuals who speak to their audience directly. But affiliates can also be entire publications, websites and other entities that have a less personal relationship with their audience. Follow these steps, and you’ll be on your way to success with affiliate marketing.

The better your relationship with an influencer, the more likely they will promote your content and help you achieve your campaign goals. This will help you determine whether or not they’re a good fit for your brand and your campaign goals. It will also give you some insight into what kind of content they typically share and how they like to work with brands. Methods used to assess the efficiency of affiliate marketing include likes, new followers, cost per impression, reach and community interactions.


Meanwhile, as an influencer, your workload could entail long hours of editing photos and video footage. Therefore, it’s important to choose the kind of work you think you’d find most manageable. As we’ve seen, both affiliates and influencers make money from promoting other brands’ products, though their strategies are slightly different. As a content creator, you’re probably familiar with the terms affiliate marketing and influencer marketing.

Affiliates often work with multiple businesses to ensure that your product is positioned well and gets noticed and offer support, training and other opportunities. 2022 was a wild journey for ecommerce businesses, regardless of size or industry. At times, economists were screaming from the rooftops that it was all falling apart, but the year ended with trendlines moving in the right direction. Influencer marketing can be tricky when you first start, but implementing the right tools saves you countless hours and headaches as you discover the approach that works best for you. Influencers via, cash, product, discounts, or a variety of other means and confirm that all collaborators have been properly compensated. With 60% of YouTube viewers saying they follow a YouTuber’s advice on what to buy, this type of content is proven effective.

Affiliate campaigns are easy to track

This is a great way to find and compare a multitude of offers all in one place and find the partnership that’s right for you. The digital explosion brought on by the growth of the Internet permanently changed the game. Internet ads started to become more relevant than traditional ones, like billboards, television, and print. Affiliate marketing became more than a niche, blossoming into its own industry. This information will help you understand which of your marketing efforts are working and which ones aren’t.

How is affiliate marketing different from influencer marketing

The affiliate promotes the business’s products or services using tracking links and banners, and drives traffic to the business’s website. A good example is Fern & Petal who partners with influencers to promote their store’s wellness products. Along with being in the wellness niche, the influencers are also local to Vancouver, where Fern & Petal is based. Combining large social media followings and connecting to the community makes these influencers the ideal affiliate to reach the store’s customer base and promote their products.

Careful consideration should be given before making the decision to pursue this type of marketing. Once you’ve found a niche, raising brand awareness by building an audience is next. This can be done in a number of ways, but the most common method is to start a blog or website. Affiliate marketing performance is evaluated using conversion rate, average order value, lifetime value of customers cost of acquisition, sales, subscriptions, orders, and email subscriptions.

How is affiliate marketing different from influencer marketing

However, affiliate marketing and influencer marketing are actually quite different, and it’s important to explore these distinctions, since they affect your day-to-day marketing operations and tracking. Regardless of industry, influencer marketing works for all brands if their audience is on social media. In fact, studies show that brands make $6.50 for each dollar invested in influencer marketing and acquire customers faster than any other marketing approach. Shopify are two examples of companies that support brands and affiliates in their affiliate programs. It is especially true for influencer marketing, as you’ll want to make sure influencers have enough time to create valuable content.

  • Another significant advantage of affiliate marketing is that, as a business, you do not have to spend significant time and resources on setting it up.
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  • Here at Apogee, we often talk about the “marriage” of affiliate marketing and traditional PR.

When implemented correctly, both improve ROI and generate sales and conversions. There is no real winner in the influencer marketing vs. affiliate marketing battle. Both are valuable and effective tools that digital marketing experts can add to their arsenal, and your choice between them will boil down to the marketing goals that you have now.

They studied trends, targeted the customer journey, and found potential customers who were ready to make a purchase. Their content dominated the search engines and covered virtually every topic, from skincare to car parts. Tens of thousands of dollars could be made with the right content, strategy, and affiliate program structure. Influencer and affiliate marketing are both popular online marketing strategies that can be used to earn money online.

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